RTTP- Jesuits and Black Robe

The year is 1663 and you have been called by the Supreme General of the Jesuit Order to take part in a debate on if, when, and where to send a new mission into New France.  You have heard back from Father LaForgue (who is the main character in the film Black Robe) and need to take his testimony into account when making your decision.

As there were twelve players, I split up the two factions evenly with three each (against sending a new mission at all to New France and for sending a mission to New France).  There were six indeterminates who had to be persuaded to join one faction or the other. Our Supreme General held the deciding vote if there was a tie. The only character who is based off of a real-life person is the Superior General, Giovanni.  Everyone else was entirely made up – but it allowed me to play with the themes of our course as well as the film.

If you decide to play this, let me know!  This is licensed under a Share-Alike Creative Commons license, so credit and share!

For information on RTTP and on this game read: Important Things to Know

Against the Mission:

Against the Mission – Character Sheet – Johannes

Against the Mission – Character Sheet – Jose

Against the Mission – Character Sheet – Rene Robert


For the Mission:

For the Mission – Character Sheet – Albinus

For the Mission – Character Sheet – Fernand

For the Mission – Character Sheet – Wolfgang



Indeterminate – Character Sheet – Denis

Indeterminate – Character Sheet – Diego

Indeterminate – Character Sheet – Geoffrey

Indeterminate – Character Sheet – Niall

Indeterminate – Character Sheet – Nikolaus

Indeterminate – Character Sheet – Zusto


Superior General:

Superior General – Character Sheet – Giovanni



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