Courtney Herber, PhD

Hello and welcome to!

I am an author, historian, and educator.

My scholarly interests are:

  • Theatre, Performance, & Power
  • Royal Studies & Consortship
  • Pop Culture, Memory, & Representation
  • Tudor & Stuart England/Britain/Atlantic Archipelago
  • Spanish Golden Age theatre & honor plays

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Current Scholarly Projects:

Monograph: Towards Consortship: Performing Ritual, Intercession, and Networking in Tudor and Early Stuart England (Tentatively titled: Jewel in the Crown)

Book Chapter: “The Three Body Problem: Lady Jane Grey and the Invisible Specter of Mary I on the Restoration Stage” will appear in Mid-Tudor Queenship

You can find my work:

Biographical Entries:

Anne Barne Carleill Walsingham – p. 185

Eleanor Windsor Brome – p. 409

Judith Lydon Smith Barrington p. 95