About Courtney Herber

Courtney Herber is an aspiring historian whose research interests include Medieval and Early Modern England, Scotland, and Western Europe.  Courtney also has completed courses in Feudal and Early Modern Japanese history.  She specifically looks at gender studies, women’s history, literary history and queenship/modes of power.  She has two bachelor’s degrees, one in Elementary Education (minors in History, German and Asian Studies) and one in History.

She has presented at the Kings and Queens 3 Conference, held at Winchester University.  Her paper was titled, “Early Stuart Masques: Self-Fashioning and Feminine Power Emanating from the Court Entertainments of Anna of Denmark.”  In this, she explored Anna of Denmark’s use of masques as opportunities to control her public persona as well as tools for her to reach political aims and goals.


She hopes to continue her studies in history at graduate school and is currently working on graduate school applications, day to day life, and other projects (history and personal).

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